Financial Planning

A relationship that feels right
A financial strategy that is right for you

Do you have....

a) An investment plan totally unique to your life, designed with consideration for your unique financial circumstances.

b) An Investment Advisor Representative you can call a friend, someone personally committed to your well-being.


Consider having Genevieve Mar as your advisor guiding your wealth with care and integrity. Her capable asset management can help you direct your investments to serve your dreams.

Guiding wealth through the phases of life

Good financial planning can help you live comfortably today and tomorrow. As the years pass, Genevieve will stand by your side, helping you to anticipate your needs and serving you with friendship and utmost personal care.

Whether you are actively accumulating wealth or focused on preserving your estate, your investment and financial choices may play a powerful role in realizing your dreams. Your emotions can affect these choices. Genevieve can help you to make such choices with clarity and focus, so that good judgment today may lead to great memories and moments tomorrow.

Helping you understand financial complexities

Her insight can make major financial decisions easier, before and after retirement. She can assist you with the rollover and reinvestment of your retirement plan savings, and show you how to reduce and defer taxes, manage risk, and arrange your investments so they may keep pace with inflation. Keep in mind that our firm does not offer tax advice and you should contact your own tax advisor regarding actions that may have tax implications.

Focused on portfolio performance

Genevieve manages portfolios taking into consideration risk-adjusted returns, tax efficiency, and operating costs.

She is proud to be your trusted financial steward. With her knowledge and integrity, she can help you gain confidence with your financial well-being.