Our Philosophy

A plan you can trust for the rest of your life

Will your money last a lifetime? Can you leave your business or career fully confident about your finances?

As an independent, objective Investment Advisor Representative, Genevieve has structured her business to do what is in your best interest. She has access to a wide range of investments alternatives to allow choices for what best suits your situation.

An advisor you can trust for life

At different times of life, you will have different financial needs. Genevieve wants to serve you during all phases of your life, so that you don't have to face the future with financial ambiguities or worries. She will be there for you, displaying both personal commitment and continual insight into the financial possibilities before you.

You may need to roll over assets accumulated in your retirement plan at the conclusion of a career; you may want active management and a wide array of investment alternatives; you may need to get a handle on financial issues affecting your business and family. In such circumstances, she can step forward and help you discuss and discover your choices, including options you may not have noticed.

Putting you first

Since Genevieve is independent, she is not pressured to recommend certain investments or offer generic, off-the-rack investment plans. Everything is personalized: your portfolio and your retirement and investment plan are unique to your life and goals.

Genevieve works for your best interest. She knows that she can potentially help you raise your quality of life, and she enjoys having the opportunity to be your trusted financial steward.

Call or e-mail the Investment Advisor Representative who can direct your investments to help work towards your greatest dreams: Genevieve Mar.